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                                                Signature Package 1 Interior Details


Our interior process starts with a thorough wipe down of all interior surfaces, from the dashboard down to the seat belt connectors. 

Next we assess all surfaces & make note of any areas that need special care and address those first. We always test our cleaner on an inconspicuous surface just to make sure it is compatible with the surface we are going to apply it to. In most cases it is fine but in the rare case that it is not we use a highly diluted specialty cleaner.


Once we've removed any stains identified from the interior surfaces we apply a non greasy dressing that will leave a beautiful satin finish & add UV Ray protection that will keep your interior surfaces from fading or drying out.

We also apply UV ray protection to the rubber gaskets around your doors, trunk & moonroofs to keep them from drying out & letting water or wind noise in.

Your rear-view mirror is very important so we go ahead & make sure it has a streak free finish on it & while we are at it we clean your windshield & the rest of your windows. Headliners are addressed on a case by case basis, usually we can get most stains out, in some cases a leak of some sort has pushed them beyond the point of cleaning. In this case we can refer you to an awesome upholstery shop to replace it.

Next we access all upholstery including carpet & begin the shampoo & extraction process to remove staining.


Lastly we vacuum your seats & carpets, if your seats are leather we use a specialty cleaner & brush to clean & condition them.    

At Nucleus Auto Pros we are committed to getting the job done right. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.