New Car Prep

Let Us Make Your New Car Look Better Then New

White Cars

The new car/"new to you" car prep starts with an in-depth discussion about your expectations, do you want us to accompany you to the dealership for a thorough review of the paint before you purchase? Or do you want us to correct & ceramic coat promptly after the purchase?

You may be wondering how a "new" car would need any type of prep. In some cases it may need very little paint correction & simply needs a ceramic coating to protect it. In other instances the paint on a car with 50miles on the clock may look like it's been washed with a broom a few times... Dealerships do not typically staff paint protection experts & this can lead to some basic mistakes that leave swirls,micro marring,over spray & in some cases clearcoat damage.

No matter the case we share our expertise & skills with you so that you know exactly where the paint stands. Once our assessment is made we recommend the services needed to ensure your new car looks its absolute best & more importantly continues to look its best in the years to come. 

New Car Prep/Inspection Fee is $100 & is applied towards any of our exterior packages following your purchase.