Car Front

                       Exterior Package 2 Details


This wash starts with a foam cannon pre-wash to help break down road film & remove other particles that could potential cause micro-marring & swirls during the washing process.

The foam party doesn't stop on your paint, your wheels get the same treatment with a specialty non-acid based wheel cleaner.

We also make sure to get all the grime off your tires,this will help the non sling tire dressing we are going to apply later perform how its meant to.

Next we accompany the tried & true 2 bucket wash system with a microfiber wash mitt, for the lower rocker panels & filthier parts of the vehicle we always flip the mitt to protect your vehicles finish from scratches.


No worries, we dont forget about your door jambs, fender wells, gas cap door or glass.

Now we follow up with a clay bar & iron removal, this will ensure the sealants & carnuba wax we are going to be applying next will adhere properly & perform at its peak.

With the surfaces prepped to perfection we apply an si02 infused coating that will install a deep level of gloss on your paint & protect your paint from harmful UV rays for up to 5mos as well as resist water, grime, & industrial fallout. 


If you opt for the 1 step paint correction & gloss enhancement we will goto work on removing dullness along with minor swirls & scratches that have been installed on your paint by lesser detail shops & auto car wash tunnels.      

At Nucleus Auto Pros we are committed to getting the job done right. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.