What is carnuba wax?

Carnuba wax is an extract taken from the leaf of a brazilian palm tree, it natrually creates a warm glossy finish & was first introduced into the auto detailing world in the 1960's in a paste form. It is also used to make a # of things from candles to dental floss! When properly applied to your paint system it can protect from the elements & prevent clearcoat failure for 3-8 weeks. 

Image by Matthew T Rader

What is a ceramic coating?

The good news is no furry creatures had to be sacrificed for this tidbit of information... Ceramic coatings are any layers of protection applied to your car containing any amount of Si02. Si02, also known as Silica is what is commonly used to manufacture glass. It is important to note that not all ceramic coatings are created equally. They provide unparraled levels of protection from the elements as well as hydrophobic properties & can last from 3 months to 10 yrs. They of course also provide a glass like slickness & deep level of gloss unlike any other product in the detailing world.

Image by Charisse Kenion

What Are TDS's

Total dissolved solids (TDS) are measurable amounts of organic and inorganic materials, such as metals, minerals, and ions, dissolved in a particular volume of water. The lower the TDS in your water the healthier your water source is, anything about 900ppm is unsafe to consume. Typically city water contains anywhere between 300-500 TDS. Any amount of TDS will cause waterspots in your vehicles finish that can only be removed by claybarring and machine buffing & polishing your car. Check out our article about the importance of deionized water & drying aids to avoid putting waterspots on your cars paint when auto detailing.


What is a sealant?

Sealants are typically extracted from seal whiskers.... Wait, no thats not right. Sealants are synthetic (man made) polymer based waxes that create a sacrificial layer of protection over your paint that can endure from 3-12 months with proper care. The disparity in endurance is due to the different forms that sealants are available in, the spray form being the least potent & the glaze being the most potent. They install a deep gloss & can be used as topper or base with a carnuba wax.

What is paint correction?

Our German friend may be on to something... Paint correction is a craft, also referred to as an art form by some in the industry of removing excessive "love marks" in your paint system. We call them love marks because they are usually put their during the wash & drying process. Sadly there is no way to completely eliminate the chance of some micro-marring during the intimate time spent between man & automobile during the detailing process but the good news is that their is a plethora of methods to utilize to greatly reduce the chance of this phenomenon & Nucleus Auto Pros employ them all during their details.    

Image by Hannes Richter