5 Tips For Safely Washing Your Car #NoScratches

A few tips & product recommendations for everyone on how to properly wash your car & avoid putting unwanted swirls & scratches into your cars finish. 

Written by your friends at Nucleus Auto Pros

#1 ALWAYS Use A Drying Aid #Quick Detailer

When I first heard the term "drying aid" I thought it was a special towel I needed to buy... Turns out its usually just a quick detailer that you spray on the car as you dry it. I recommend spraying it on one or two panels at a time as you dry. The way it prevents scratching is by adding extra lubrication and as an added bonus it also helps to prevent water spots when washing your car on a hot day with non D.I water. Click the link below to check out our recommended drying aids. 


#3 Chamois Pronounced Sh-am-e

Okay so maybe its not pronounced "shame" but you should definitely be ashamed if your still using one in 2022!.... Okay so first things first, chamois are super absorbent leather towels, no one can argue that. The issue with them is that they do not pick up the microscopic debris that remains on the finish after your wash, instead they drag said debris across the paint as you dry & the end result is light scratches installed on the car overtime. The solution? Give your chamois a break & switch to microfiber towels. Click the link below to check out More of our recommended towels.


#5 Did We Miss Anything? 

Yes, we did! The classic! The proven! 3 bucket method! But you probably knew that already. So lets talk chemicals instead, for example, having the correct APCs, bug removers & soft bristle brushes to remove stubborn stuck on contaminants such as bug splatter, bird bombs & sap! The quickest way to install lovemarks AKA scracthes in your vehicles finish is to aggressively scrub off stuck on contaminants! Thats why it is of the utmost importance to have the right chemicals on-hand. Click the link below to check out our recommended apc & bug remover!


#2 Never Dry With Terry Towels

Terry towels are actually very absorbent & in most cases considered soft... once upon a time they were considered a good option for drying your car but in 2022 we have microfiber towels. Microfiber towels have become the standard in the auto detailing world & the best part is the different levels of plushness & blends. The versatility of microfiber has been its claim to fame & there are no signs of anything trumping it anytime soon. From ultra plush for removing waxes to hybrid blends perfect for providing a scratch free finish. Click the link below to check out our recommended microfiber towels.


#4 Don't Be Shy With The Supply

Around our shop we have a phrase that gets thrown around all day, EVERDAY! "Don't be shy with the supply!" The more soap, drying aid, towels & washmitts you use, the better your chances of avoiding those unwanted swirls & scratches are! The proper towels & washmitts can make a world of difference! Click the link below to check out our recommended washmitts.