5 Tips For Safely Washing Your Car #NoScratches

A step by step guide for everyone on how to properly wash your car & avoid putting unwanted swirls & scratches into your cars finish. 

Written by your friends at Nucleus Auto Pros

#1 Utilize A Drying Aid

When I first heard the term "drying aid" I thought it was a special towel I needed to buy... Turns out its usually just a quick detailer that you spray on the car as you dry it. I recommend spraying it on one or two panels at a time as you dry. The way it prevents scratching is by adding extra lubrication and as an added bonus it also helps to prevent water spots when washing your car on a hot day with non D.I water. 

Image by Matthew T Rader

#3 Chamois Pronounced Sh-am-me

This one might hurt some feelings.... Okay so first things first, chamois are super absorbent leather towels, no one can argue that. The issue with them is that they do not pick up the microscopic debris that starts to form on the finish after your wash, instead they drag said debris across the paint as you dry & the end result is light scratches installed on the car overtime. The solution? Give your chamois to an unsuspecting in-law & switch to microfiber towels. :)

Image by Charisse Kenion

#5 What Are TDS's

Total dissolved solids (TDS) are measurable amounts of organic and inorganic materials, such as metals, minerals, and ions, dissolved in a particular volume of water. The lower the TDS in your water the healthier your water source is, anything about 900ppm is unsafe to consume. Typically city water contains anywhere between 300-500 TDS. Any amount of TDS will cause waterspots in your vehicles finish that can only be removed by claybarring and machine buffing & polishing your car. Check out our article about the importance of deionized water & drying aids to avoid putting waterspots on your cars paint when auto detailing.


#2 Never Dry With Terry Towels

Terry towels are actually very absorbent & in most cases considered soft... once upon a time they were considered a good option for drying your car but in 2020 we have microfiber towels. Microfiber towels have become the standard in the auto detailing world & the best part is the different levels of plushness & blends. The versatility of microfiber has been its claim to fame & there are no signs of anything trumping it anytime soon. From ultra plush for removing waxes to hybrid blends perfect for providing a scratch free finish.

#4 Start With A Thorough Rinse

Our German friend may be on to something... Paint correction is a craft, also referred to as an art form by some in the industry of removing excessive "love marks" in your paint system. We call them love marks because they are usually put their during the wash & drying process. Sadly there is no way to completely eliminate the chance of some micro-marring during the intimate time spent between man & automobile during the detailing process but the good news is that their is a plethora of methods to utilize to greatly reduce the chance of this phenomenon & Nucleus Auto Pros employ them all during their details.    

Image by Hannes Richter